Tokyo Apartment

Architect|Sou Fujimoto
Location|Itabashi, Tokyo
Program|Apartment Building
Architectural Style(s)|Modern

Tiny bento boxes, Assemble!

建築家・藤本壮介の『Tokyo Apartment』は、小さなイエ型が積み重なった集合住宅。最小単位のスペースが集まっています。もしも小さなお弁当箱を集めて、ひとつのお弁当を構成したら。どんな食の体験が生まれるでしょう。

Sou Fujimoto's "Tokyo Apartment" is a housing complex made up of a series of small houses. A collection of small spaces. What if we were to gather small bento boxes together to form a single bento box? What kind of food experience would be created?


Chinese food neighboring Italian food



Just like Tokyo, where people from various cultures live next to each other. Japanese, Western, Chinese, Italian, and various cultures of food are placed next to each other. Rather than squeezing them all into one room, the bento is a collection of independent delicacies.


As many surprises as there are lids.



The enjoyment of bento is not limited to eating. It starts the moment you open it. What will be inside? That excitement can be experienced six times with this bento box. Taking a peek through the window will fuel the excitement.


Gather together, or break apart.



This is a large bento box made up of many small bento boxes. When lined up one by one, they become the center piece of the table, like a dining table with many side dishes. It's just one bento box, but it's many bento boxes. This is a bento box that creates a new way of gathering together .